Nathalie Denise was born and raised in the heart of Montreal, Quebec. With both of her parents’ careers steadfast in the art and design industry, she was introduced to the creative world early in life.  Having spent many afternoons in the design studio at her Mother and Father’s advertising firm, Coulombe became comfortable and familiar amongst the arts.  In 2006 Nathalie Denise left what was then known as home in Eastern Canada, to pursue a need to travel and see the world.


Subsequently, in 2008, Nathalie found herself on the Western coast of Canada, in Vancouver. Coulombe then enrolled herself in the Fine Arts program at Langara College where her innate love of painting was honed and her abilities in the realm of the abstract arts were realized. She was offered her first large scale set of commissions immediately after the graduation show and sold two of her displayed drawings to drawing teacher and accomplished abstract artist, Scott Plear. From Langara, Coulombe progressed naturally to Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, where she furthered her studies in the Fine Arts and became accustomed to the more conceptual facets of the contemporary art world.


Soon after her time at Emily Carr, Coulombe acquired a space to create in the East Vancouver Parker Street Studios, an old mattress factory converted to loft style artist spaces. She continued to sell work, create commissions for art collectors, work on various on going projects and grow at a steady pace as an emerging professional artist.


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After years of visiting the Okanagan to paint and gather inspirational content, Nathalie Denise finally made the decision to relocate. She would be closer to the world of inspiration that the arid, desert countryside offers up endlessly. In the Valley, Coulombe is surrounded by the calm and quiet elegance of nature’s beauty. Uninterrupted and focused she can work from the nuances of the ethereal world. The ever-changing scenery from season to season, the various displays of light through morning to night, the diverse growing cycles of all of the plant life all comes together creating a playground for the visual artist. Away from the fast paced whirlwind that is the city there is a certain kind of peace that Coulombe was searching for. It is there in the natural world where inspirational content and ample purpose of work is found and nurtured.


Nathalie’s works are in private collections across Canada, the U.S.A. and Europe. With a distinct style realized at an early stage in her career, she continues to evolve and experiment in her practice.




I draw inspiration from the natural world, specifically the Okanagan, the desert, where I now live. The colors and shapes of the mountains and valleys and everything in between have been an endless source of inspiration for me for many years now. I am deeply grounded and motivated creatively by the natural world. Outside, and in nature, away from the bustle of the city, is where I find my peace, artistic and otherwise.



"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for."

Georgia O' Keeffe